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With the help of our international partners, we want to improve all aspects of kiwiberry production. In 2008, the initiative was taken to set up an international working group that organizes annual meetings at different locations. The first meeting was held in Ghent (Belgium) in November 2008. In June 2009, the meeting was hosted in Salenstein (Switzerland). Next meetings were held in 2010 in Loosdorf (A), in 2013 in Ghent (B), Arenenberg (CH) in 2014 and Veitshöcheim (D) in 2015.  The knowledge that is exchanged among the project partners during these meetings is further transferred to the respective producers.

The international working group is restricted to research institutions. Countries in which there is no active research program on kiwiberry production can be represented by individual producers.

Interested parties can contact Filip Debersaques.